Federal Presidential Pardon

A Study of Noteworthy Presidential Pardons

David Lane Woolsey

In a very unsophisticated manner, Woolsey applied for a federal presidential pardon never expecting to get it. George W. Bush granted the pardon for no apparent reason. In my opinion Bush is an outdoors man himself and likely felt some type of affinity towards Woolsey’s simple application.

Isaac Robert Toussie

A significant question is posed about the illegality of W’s revocation. Does the president have the power to revoke a pardon? Apparently the answer is that if the filing of the actual paperwork has not been perfected by the pardon attorney at the department of justice, then the president can revoke the pardon.

Charles Thompson Winters

After World War II, Winters entered into the import/export business. He was recruited to illegally export B-17 bombers to Israel. He manage to smuggle three B-17s to Israel. He conspired to violate the Neutrality Act of 1939 by helping Israel with two other men: Al Schwimmer and Herman Greenspun.The three men were prosecuted by the United States Attorney in Miami.

John Edward Forte

John Edward Forte is a grammy winning music producer who was caught at the airport with $1.4 million of liquid cocaine in a briefcase. He was convicted and sentenced to fourteen years. Forte has never accepted responsibility for the cocaine.

Jose Compean & Ignacio Ramos

The suspect was attempting to cross the border with a perported 743 pounds of weed, when Compean told the suspect to stop and the suspect refused to obey, Compean mistakenly thought that he heard gun shot, so Compean fired his gun at the suspect. Ramos, hearing Compean’s fire, shot at the suspect and hit him in the ass. The suspect fled.

Leslie Owen Collier – Bald Eagle Killer

Other creatures from nature also feasted on the meat. By the time Collier was done he picked off a red-tailed hawk, a raccoon, seven coyotes, a great horned owl, and three bald eagles. He was convicted of a felony for killing the bald eagles. As a result of the conviction, he could no longer own a gun.

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