Federal Presidential Pardon

A Study of Noteworthy Presidential Pardons

Charles Thompson Winters

After World War II, Winters entered into the import/export business. He was recruited to illegally export B-17 bombers to Israel. He manage to smuggle three B-17s to Israel. He conspired to violate the Neutrality Act of 1939 by helping Israel with two other men: Al Schwimmer and Herman Greenspun.The three men were prosecuted by the United States Attorney in Miami.

Vicki Lopez Lukis

Once in prison, she worked with many young people to try to help them become active members of society. In fact, her work has been so influential she is considered by some to be an authority on the subject of re-integration from detention for women. Now that she is not in custody she has continued to worked with young women to help them re-enter society and have a positive impact on society.

Peter MacDonald

MacDonald was chairman of the Navajo. He was convicted in both tribal court and US Federal court for different criminals offenses. Most notable was a fraud conviction for his involvement in a deal for a piece of land known as the Big Boquillas ranch. Before the Boquillas transaction, the Navajo and the Hopi were disputing […]

Marc Rich

In 1983, he was indicted by Untied States Attorney and future New York City mayor, Rudolph Giuliani for tax fraud under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

Henry Ossain Flipper

After Nolan was reassigned, William Rufus Shafter was assigned to be Flippers commanding officer. While no direct proof exists, it is believed that Shafter set up Flipper for an embezzlement charge. While Flipper beat the rap at trial, he lost on the lesser charge of conduct unbecoming an officer. Was thrown out of the army because of this conviction.

Patty Hearst

In 1976 Hearst took part in a bank robbery with the SLA. At her trial she refused to name names. She was ultimately convicted of armed bank robbery and using a firearm during a felony; she was sentenced to 35 years, which was reduced to 7 years.

Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña

In 1999, President Clinton, commuted the sentences of the 16 members of FALN over the objection of the United States Attorney, Congress, the Senate, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

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