Federal Presidential Pardon

A Study of Noteworthy Presidential Pardons

Vietnam Draft Dodgers

Many American’s were against the Vietnam War. At the time of the draft, the baby boomers were at the center of the draft. Sentiment was that the draft was unfair because the rich and the well educated could escape the draft. Many young people left to go to Canada. The United States prosecuted people who […]

Peter Yarrow

This pardon is noteworthy because Yarrow is an unmatched philanthropist. Yarrow has donated countless hours, ideas and his own money to various charities around the world. He started a program to educate young people not just on academics but how to act in society.

W. Mark Felt and Edward S. Miller

Edward S. Miller, not as notorious as Felt, was the head of the division of the FBI that ran the illegal searches of the homes of people suspected to be part of radical groups in the United States. He referred to these searches as “black-bag jobs.” He ran the jobs associated with the Weather Underground illegal searches.

Oscar Collazo

Oddly, Truman was not against Puerto Rican independence. When confronted on why Truman would be the target of of the Nationalist movement, Collazo said that it was a signal to the world of Puerto Rico’s fight for independence.

Patty Hearst

In 1976 Hearst took part in a bank robbery with the SLA. At her trial she refused to name names. She was ultimately convicted of armed bank robbery and using a firearm during a felony; she was sentenced to 35 years, which was reduced to 7 years.

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